The advantages of the linear drains

There are quite a few advantages when choosing a channel drainage instead of a regular, traditional point one. But maybe you don’t know what this is. The channel drain system is also called a linear drain system and is basically a long narrow profile (placed in the corner of the shower floor or along the walls of the shower floor) through which the water from the shower flows. In our present times, it has successfully replaced the traditional point drains, for any number of reasons.

First of all, the channel drains that you can also find in our store are particularly effective when a bigger volume of water needs to be drained. With the current types of showers, in which the water volume is pretty high, a linear drainage system is what every household requires.

Then, this drain system is inconspicuous. Sure enough, this reason for choosing a channel wet room drainage system rather than a traditional one seems rather futile. Does it matter so much that it looks nice or not? Well, in our modern times, the aspect is pretty important and you cannot deny that. And having a discreet linear drain instead of a gaping hole in the middle of the shower floor will make the difference.The advantages of the linear drains

Another reason why you would choose this type of drain system is that it can be easily installed, even by yourself. Normally, a professional plumber will be called in order to install a traditional drain system, because of all the calculations needed in order to have the right shower floor inclination. But, in the case of the linear drains, it is all easy as pie. Since the drains are located somewhere else than in the middle of the floor (as in beside the wall), only one side of the floor needs to have a slight inclination.

These types of drains are also easier to maintain. Once a week, or even more sporadically, you will have the clean it for all the impurities in order to prevent the clogging. Of course, it will be easier, because the said impurities will be scattered across the drain and not inside of it (as it would happen with the traditional ones).

Another reason why you should choose a channel drainage system is that you don’t have to worry about the water abounding beneath the tiles (in the case of the traditional drainage systems, it particularly in the walls area). In the case of the linear drains, because the floor will have a slope in one direction and that direction will be the one of the drain, you don’t have to worry about this particular problem at all.

Lastly, choosing linear drains allows you to be creative and innovative as far as the design is concerned. Sure enough, there are the typical wall and corner drains. However, these can be improved in any number of ways that you see fit. Whether it is LED lighting, whether it is a certain inscription, whether it is a certain type of grating (or not at all) – the possibilities are rather limitless.

As you can see there are quite a few reasons why you should choose this type of linear drain system instead of all the other alternatives (which are in fact two, the traditional point system and the readymade shower floor).

And we can help you with this, no matter how you want to personalize your channel shower drainage system. Give us a call for further information and your time in the shower will be as relaxing and as classy as possible.

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